2016 Louisiana Indoor Air Rifle Silhouette Regional Results





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  1. oder schlechter ist immer relativ.Die Beurteilung überlasse ich anderen. —–o00o–(´°`(_)´°`)–o00o—– Du mutierst hier allerdings gerade.Es gab hier mal eine gewisse kATZE…………….

  2. http://www./ says:

    SSgt Hamilton January 6, 2012 Thanks Bernie for coming here. You had a great message and am definatly gonna reccomend you to family and friends. You are damn funny!!! If you were gonna play Ball, what team would you want to play for. Nevermind its probably the Yankees…Anywho, take care.

  3. dholic.co.jp says:

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  4. Gabby Jones says:

    To the whole Hatch clan: I just”KAINT” say enough about how I really enjoy this match! The hospitality and fun is second to none! and the food is OUTTA THIS WORLD GUUUUUUD! Thank yawl for putting out all the hard work it takes to put on a match like this. and puttin’ all the scores on here like yawl do helps to see and figger out how we did on each animal and what we need to work on.( and how I need to QUIT JERKIN’ THE TRIGGER!) LONG LIVE THE “CHICKEN COOP” MATCH!!

  5. Dustin Flint says:

    What a great match! Thanks for all the hard work to make it happen!

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