2017 Chicken Coop Shoot

A big thank you to Allen Corneau to supplying most of these pictures. I was distracted with trying to get decent video footage that I 100% forgot to take many pictures. The video will be up at some point. That’s a new venture for me so please try and bear with me.

ChickenCoop2017 - 9

ChickenCoop2017 - 4

ChickenCoop2017 - 5

ChickenCoop2017 - 6

ChickenCoop2017 - 7

ChickenCoop2017 - 8



ChickenCoop2017 - 10


The trophies as always were made by Mike Turner over at www.benchreststocks.com. Each year’s trophies are always a very exciting part of the match for me personally.


2 Responses to 2017 Chicken Coop Shoot

  1. Larry Piercy says:

    It appears that your shoot is growing. That’s great! I also noted that the rifles being used are becoming higher quality. Thanks for supporting air gun shooting! Keep up the good work. Maybe I’ll be in the area when you are conducting the shoot some time in the future. Looks like my timing is off this trip to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, but hopefully at a future date.

  2. Ken Green says:

    This was my first match at the Coop Shoot. I highly recommend going to this match. I really enjoyed this weekend. I planned on making next years match even before this match was over. You will not leave hungry. There was plenty of food. The hot water bread and the desserts were great. I just want to thank everyone on Team Hatch for putting on a great match. It was great being able to shoot indoors and not worring about any wind. You did not have to worry about your spotter making a wrong wind call.

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